Testimonial by Reach Partner – Karen Mullings

I have been using ‘LuckyYOU’ products for over six months, and my skin is delighted with it. I prefer to use natural products without chemicals where possible. My niece gave me a sample of LuckyYOU to try and I haven’t looked back since!


The cream is light and fluffy, it just melts into my skin, it spreads easily, I also use it in my hair.  The service is fast and efficient, any queries get a swift response.  More than that what makes this product so special is the love that has gone into making it.


Lena is a loving, warm, kind and generous person. She is compassionate, and always has a listening ear. She has a calmness and stillness about her, and has a drive and determination and believes that she will achieve anything she puts her mind to. Lena strives to live a peaceful and harmonious life.


I sincerely wish her well on this adventure.



Here’s what Lena has to say:

I tend to say that the LuckyYOU story started in September 2020, but it began with me, Lena, many years ago.  As far back as I can remember, I have used moisturisers since childhood. I remember always having to alter moisturisers growing up as a child. Nothing ever felt quite right, especially in the winter.


I remember my dad often returning from shopping and handing me a lotion and a bottle of olive oil.  He would say, time to mix.  Sometimes it would be cocoa butter and on other occasions another moisturiser.  Again he would say, time to mix. That is how we made our moisturisers, by combining products.  Despite nothing ever feeling quite right, what we made was always better than what we would buy straight off the shelf.


I continued this throughout my childhood and into adulthood, always tweaking any moisturisers I bought. I started making moisturisers once I established which raw ingredients work well together.


When I became a mother, I wanted to use natural products on my children and noticed that most of the baby products on the market contain synthetic ingredients.  I reverted to what I had been doing as a child.  But now I would measure raw ingredients to ensure I got it right each time.  Once I had perfected my formula, my family and friends were very impressed and encouraged me to brand and sell my product.  September 2020, LuckyYOU was born.


Working full time, while raising three young children, and starting a business, has presented its challenges.  But through encouragement, support, perseverance and hard work, LuckyYOU is approaching its first anniversary. I’m so grateful that we made it this far and look forward to what the future holds.


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