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Deanna is a very dear friend of Reach and she has, for more than a 15 years, been aligned to our ways of working – initially as someone who wanted to further her own personal development and more latterly through our training programmes, particularly our Postgraduate Coaching course.   We are pleased to announce we have a new category of practitioner, which is for Coaches who are Associates of Reach.  Deanna is amongst the first to have achieved the standards we are looking for.


The primary reason we are happy to recommend Deanna personally and to endorse Connect Coaching is because of the warmth, compassion, integrity and creative intelligence that Deanna has consistently demonstrated.  For those looking for short-term and medium-term work, then coaching is often a more appropriate intervention than counselling/psychotherapy.  Unfortunately, a lot of coaching is quite ‘samey’ and works almost exclusively with the presenting problem, which of course at times will be enough.  However, there will be just as many times when such an approach is not much better than first aid.


Deanna understands this both personally and professionally and brings that insight, natural ability and the necessary skills to help clients make the best choices for themselves and so we highly recommend that you take a look at what she and her associates can offer.


Let’s see what Deanna has to say for herself…

Connect Coaching is led by me, Deanna Haywood.  I come from a professional background in Human Resources, having particular experience in management training and development, personal development and career counselling. My strengths lie in problem analysis, communication, rapport building, listening and motivation.


I understand the challenges of facing and embracing one’s demons, having experienced my own therapeutic journey and I champion the fulfillment that comes from being released from one’s deepest fears and inhibitions. My personal and professional life experiences have brought me to a point where I am very keen to help others with issues and concerns that appear insurmountable to them.


I have a degree in Law from the University of Birmingham, a Diploma in Coaching from Warwick University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching from The Reach Approach, accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Complementary Medical Association.  In addition, I am an Associate member of the Association for Coaching.


I am also qualified to administer and interpret tests of Aptitude, Ability and Attainment.


I am married with three children, the youngest of whom is an undergraduate at university. My wider interests include: travel, keep fit, cookery, literature and the cinema.


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