Like the majority of our practitioners, Deniese is someone who has been to her own personal hell and made it back.  We have found such individuals often make the best therapists because they have a greater awareness, sensitivity and more refined sense of empathy.  This combined with the right knowledge, means they are equipped to help those trying to find the best solutions for their problems.  This is a perfect description of Deniese.


Not only is Deniese well qualified for the role, because she has excelled academically, and has the knowledge and skills to work with challenging and complex issues, but in addition, she has a very warm, positive and engaging nature, which puts clients at their ease.  Her personality is infectious.  She is passionate and determined to help those most in need find the best way through their storms and challenges.



Here’s what Deniese has to say…

It is said that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.  I had been a seeker for a long time, but fear had clouded my judgement and so the decisions I made were driven by those fears. Then one day, my world collapsed.  I felt as though I’d been hit by a tidal wave.  My marriage was over and I found myself in the midst of an acrimonious divorce.  I became homeless and lost everything, including most of my possessions.  I  had to start all over again.


It was at this point, nearly 20 years ago, that I got in touch with Easton at Reach and I began my healing journey with him.  Although it was challenging and at times felt impossible, I knew I was ready.  I finally acknowledged to myself that my victim mentality, that I had held onto to for so long and with such passion, had to go, in order for me to heal.  I began to do the work.  Much of the Reach philosophy is built around this idea of work and once that truly landed for me, I understood that I had the power to transform my life, and I began to take responsibility for myself.  My Reach journey towards healing has been the most rewarding experience of my life.


After working with Easton and the Reach philosophy and benefiting so much from this process, I knew that I had found my path, my purpose.  Helping others in the way I had been helped, has now become my life’s work.  I studied to became a counsellor and a holistic and integrative psychotherapist and have been fortunate enough to have been working with individuals wanting to change their lives ever since.


For me it’s truly an honour to help my clients find their authentic selves, their true nature, a position most of us have lost, as we try to fit into the world.  I believe that having taken the journey of personal growth myself, and having found the courage to face my own issues, this has helped me to support others going through their difficulties, pain and trauma.


If you feel you would like me to help and accompany you on your journey of self-discovery, please feel free to contact me on: 07368 458137.