AvA Counselling and Psychotherapy has now become an Associate organisation of Reach (based in Leamington Spa) as their practitioners have trained with us and as a result have fully embraced the holistic and integrative principles that we espouse.


Nina is another wonderful example of someone who began the journey as a client many years ago and through facing (and continuing to face) her own demons, has developed an intimate understanding of what it takes to be the best you can be.


Nina is a warm, passionate and committed practitioner, who cares deeply about the work and her clients and her own practice reflects this. Although she has acquired the necessary academic qualifications, it is her personal attributes that we particularly commend to you.


Let’s hear what Nina has to say…

I’m Nina Saunders and I’m the lead practitioner at AvA. I have experience of working with clients as young as 10 and as old as 88, from a variety of backgrounds and cultures as well as experience of working with a wide range of issues including loss, depression, anxiety, relationship and employment issues, low self-esteem and abuse (including sexual, physical and emotional). I recognise loss to take many different forms including; bereavement, family break-up, health, employment and even expectation(s).


Everyone experiences difficulties in life. Some people’s problems and anxieties seem to have been triggered by a particular event, for others life seems to have been a constant battle. Our experience at AvA Counselling and Psychotherapy is that exploring issues with someone, who is not judging, who really tries to understand both the individual and what has caused the distress, whilst giving support, encouragement and practical help, can make a real and lasting difference. This experience comes from both being clients ourselves and practitioners.


The most effective and lasting change, we believe, comes about through integrating different approaches to managing and resolving distress whilst addressing the complexities of what it is to be human. This is why we work in an integrative and holistic way.


You can contact Nina at AvA Counselling and Psychotherapy by phone on 07580 487041 or 07003 497341 or email her at to discuss your needs.  Alternatively, take a look at her website for further information: