Donella Caubo is our senior partner, overseeing all aspects of our work in London and the South East.  In addition, Donella has special responsibility for our franchise scheme.  This is a huge role overseeing the administration of those involved in the scheme, both nationally and internationally.  Given her background, experience and skills, she is the best person for the job.


As with all our practitioners, she has done (and continues to do) the introspective and personal development work we believe is critical for a therapist to undertake, so they can best help their clients to repair and heal.


Donella is a first-class therapist who’s honesty, integrity, intelligence and commitment mean she will never give you less than her best.  She is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled practitioner and the warmth and compassion she offers, leaves her clients feeling heard, valued and understood.  Donella is a fully qualified and accredited counsellor/psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer; and is one of the key tutors on our 3 postgraduate training courses.  We are proud of the contribution she has made to Reach for over 26 years.



Here’s what Donella has to say:

My journey to Reach began years before finding this amazing organisation.  I was working in a merchant bank in London and finally achieved my goal of what I believed to be my dream role within the bank.  However, once there I realised it was not an environment I wanted to be part of, which is when my search for a career that made a positive difference in the world and helped others began.


I did not know what that career looked like back then, but I was determined to go and find it.  This search took me in various directions… at the same time my personal life was in turmoil so I decided to embark on therapy and once I had found Reach I knew my search was complete; I knew I wanted to train as a therapist and more specifically a Reach therapist.  My therapeutic journey with Reach enabled me to change my life completely: to go from a position of pain to power, from fear to love, from surviving to flourishing, from chaos to peace. I was now equipped to forge a new career path – my dream of making a positive difference in the world was made real.


To walk alongside clients supporting them to heal, grow and connect with the beauty within them is such an honour.  This is a gift I am forever grateful for, and I am passionate about passing on to others the hope, knowledge and tools to create an all-round fulfilling life.


If you feel I can be of assistance to you in any way please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

Please ring me on: 07950201718