Those who have become Reach Associates have undertaken quite a journey.  Firstly, they have engaged in some form of therapeutic/personal development of their own.  Secondly, they have acquired either a coaching or psychotherapeutic qualification (in some cases both), and finally they have successfully pursued one of our postgraduate courses.


Gillian has undertaken this journey and has been successful at every stage.  Her allegiance to Reach has extended over 20 years and she has, with great determination and tenacity, committed to her personal and professional development during that time.  This has been no small feat given that she lives in Penarth, in South Wales, and has travelled, over many years, to our headquarters in the Midlands, to fulfill her therapeutic and professional ambitions – and has excelled at every stage.


Gillian is someone who is passionately committed to helping those in greatest need. It is this tenacity and unwavering spirit that makes her a first class therapist.  Gillian is warm, empathic and intelligent, with a great sense of humour.  She is also kind and a very effective communicator, who will go the extra mile with others, to help them find their best solutions. This is why we are happy that she is part of the Reach family.


Let’s hear what Gillian has to say…

I am a qualified coach, counsellor and aromatherapist. The Reach Approach is the foundation of my coaching/counselling practice.  Although I can help those who are looking for short-term work, just as easily as those who want more extensive therapy, in either case I do not offer quick fixes, because I believe in sustainable solutions. So, for those who I have the privilege of walking alongside, I will try to help you identify the underlying causes and not merely work with the symptoms. The presenting problems can hide so much. The Reach Approach has developed its methods through extensive research and clinical experience over more than 40 years, and so I an confident I can help you find the solutions you seek.


I have come to coaching/mentoring and counselling following an extensive career in both the commercial and the not-for-profit sectors. This includes over 25 years working in the arts sector.  I have a good understanding of the stresses, complexities and politics of the working environment and how it can take its toll on individuals.  I have experienced redundancy and conflict in the workplace myself and have an empathy and understanding of the far-reaching effects these can have on individuals and teams.


My previous roles have included: managing teams in an environmental charity and a major retail business as well as setting up an advisory service for arts organisations, looking for business coaches/mentors.


In addition, I trained as an aromatherapist in the early 1990’s and set up a practice that ran alongside my other areas of work.  My qualification allows me to blend oils as well as using them in massage for their therapeutic properties.  In the intervening years I have had experience working in a hospice and teaching aromatherapy to the carers of people with learning disabilities.  This work taught me the value of listening to clients and guiding them towards lifelong solutions, an integral part of my work today.


Here are some of the areas I cover:

• Working with anxiety, depression, fear and loss
• Career change/redundancy/return to work/retirement
• Dissatisfaction in the workplace/successful team working
• How to move on after personal life changes/lifestyle changes
• Working with abuse and addiction
• Dealing with stress
• Getting more out of your life – personally/professionally
• Helping individuals to create positive templates to improve self-image


I offer tailor-made programmes to suit the individual.  These can vary greatly from a series of weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions, either face-to-face or by video link/telephone, to one-off catch-up/refresher sessions as and when you feel it would be helpful.


Contact details

Telephone: 07939 100693