We are so happy to have Claudia as a member of the Reach team in the United States of America, where she is working as a psychotherapeutic coach in the East Coast area.  Claudia’s warmth and openness shine through when meeting her, as does her love and concern for humankind.


She is passionate about supporting and empowering individuals, families and communities and has 16 years experience in training and development, risk management and developmental disabilities.  She believes everyone has the potential to be the best they can be, given the right support and tools, and this led her to keep searching for those missing ingredients so that she might become the best she could be and with that learning and experience, help others to do the same.  As you will read from her story below, this is what led her to The Reach Approach.


Claudia is an enthusiastic advocate of Reach’s whole-person approach and her kindness, compassion and patience make her someone we highly recommend to take your journey with.


Here’s what Claudia has to say….

My pursuit towards fixing myself led me to a path of self-discovery in my early twenties.  After years of suppressing emotional, psychological & physical trauma, I became infinitely curious about all things healing.  Throughout this journey, I studied both scientific and spiritual philosophies to understand myself.  Still, my personal development work didn’t entirely take off until late 2016, when I came across a meditation posted on YouTube by Reach, Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything.


Immediately after experiencing the powerful healing effects of this meditation, I dove into Reach’s research and became fascinated with their body of work.  Shortly after, I reached out to Jo Kilburn, Assistant Director, to inquire about their Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapy Training.  She later interviewed me with Easton Hamilton, Founder and Director of Reach, as part of the application process.  The interview changed my life.  The moment I connected with both Jo and Easton, I knew something beautiful was about to be born.  For the first time in my life, I felt seen, heard, and understood, and that is an experience I’ll forever cherish.


A few months later, I enrolled in the training program where I had the incredible opportunity to work with and learn from Judith Madeley, who was my tutor for the training.  This profoundly transformed my relationship with myself and others.  I successfully graduated from the psychotherapy coaching program in 2021.


Immediately after graduating, I partnered with Reach to help share their transformative work with individuals experiencing the void I once felt.  I am especially interested in helping transform the countless dysfunctional family systems that stem from underserved communities.  I believe parents living in these communities can learn and apply the practices taught by Reach to positively change their relationships with themselves and their children.  Hence, creating an environment conducive to growth within their family systems.  And from this loving place, indirectly contribute towards the collective well-being, creating a powerful ripple effect that inspires action for future generations.


I am incredibly grateful to join Reach in their silent revolution of spreading to millions the powerful principle of WE… NOT JUST ME.


If you are interested in contacting me, I can be reached by email at: or by phone on: 646-565-8911.