Sherry has been a friend of Reach for nearly 15 years and we are proud to have her as an overseas partner.

Sherry is a highly intelligent, sensitive, warm and resourceful clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and coach.  She oversees our work in Abu Dhabi and Pakistan and her cultural understanding and awareness, having lived in different countries, makes her a wonderful asset when it comes to dealing with the complexities of difference and diversity.

Like so many of our practitioners, Sherry has taken the journey of self-examination that she invites those who are vulnerable, injured and afraid to take – which makes her a very safe pair of hands.

For those of you looking for help in UAE or Pakistan, please feel free to contact her.


This is what Sherry has to say…

We only see the world from the position in which we are standing and until that position is changed, we are unable to see what the world really has to offer to us.

My aim is to help you find a fresh perspective through which you can come to understand yourself and your life in a new way. Working with me will provide you with an opportunity to discover choices which previously were unknown to you and a chance to resolve old hurts and conflicts to enable you to move on to a new, more contented life.

I offer a supportive non-judgemental environment to my clients to explore uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in their journey of healing.

As someone who has taken the journey myself, I feel am in a position where I can help others through their own darkness with compassion, sensitivity and understanding.

I have been there where you are and am familiar with the fears, anxiety and hopelessness – but I also have the confidence that with sincere guidance, support and commitment I can lead you to a new horizon… where you will find joy, contentment and happiness in just being who you are.


Contact details:

Tel: +971 50 725 5059