Deborah Price – Holistic Life Coach Utah, USA

We are very pleased to welcome Deborah to the Reach family as a graduate of our Coaching Plus course and an associate of Reach.


As Deborah’s own story (below) will attest to, she had been searching most of her life for a body of knowledge and understanding that is truly holistic and which integrates all the relevant disciplines that support and uplift human well-being.  Her training and experience in many health-related disciplines illustrate this search and when Deborah found Reach, her enthusiasm and passion for our way of working was obvious.


This passion to spread the word about how to achieve optimal health, and in doing so, help others to reach their potential, is the primary reason that we are very happy to appoint Deborah as our primary associate for coaching in the southwest of the USA.


Deborah is a kind, sensitive and warm individual who is prepared to go the extra mile to help others to find their peace and happiness.  We would highly recommend you contact Deborah if you’re looking to explore and resolve your issues and create health and harmony in every area of your life.



This is what Deborah herself has to say…

I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I spent a great deal of my childhood sick with croup, coughs, earaches, bronchitis and rashes.  I often felt like the character in “The Princes and the Pea” book, sensitive to my environment.


In high school I became interested in how to develop and incorporate a healthier lifestyle.  I found a book at the public library called Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation and my pursuit of knowledge about how I could be healthier and help others as well began.


As I began living a more natural, holistic life, I then became a health and fitness instructor in order to help others do the same. Added to this I studied nutrition, herbal remedies, energy healing, and essential oils as well as meditation and stress reduction/relaxation.  I came to understand the value of enjoying nature and positive thought processes, visualization, music and mantra therapies.


In 2015 I discovered The Reach Approach through their YouTube meditation videos and was attracted to the holistic and integrative nature of The Reach Approach training, which bridges the gaps between psychology, spirituality, science, physical health and well-being and the relationships between mind-body-spirit-environment and so I applied for their training… and this leg of my journey began.


I have owned or managed fitness, training, spas and health/herb and supplement businesses.  I have been a corporate wellness coordinator, energy healer and a nutrition/supplement consultant.


I have studied dance – tap, ballet, gymnastics, and modern dance, as well as working with youth as AYSO volunteer soccer coach, LDS church volunteer youth teacher and sports coach, physical therapy aid, special education pre-school asst teacher, substitute teacher, aerobics, water aerobics, fitness, weight loss, strength training, stress reduction, sports injury prevention and conditioning, personal, group, pre-natal and post-natal trainer, PiYo and yoga instructor for all age groups and fitness levels.


I have studied psychology, child and family systems, worked with groups and run workshops focused on overcoming many of the ills, addictions and dysfunctions we struggle with in our modern society.


Family is important to me – as a mother of 5 children and 13 grandchildren I continually seek ways to support these relationships with love, kindness, respect, unity and joy.  I feel a passion for not only continuing to help and nurture myself but also to share this knowledge and experience with others.


I’m honoured to be a part of The Reach Approach and to work with such magnificent people as Easton Hamilton and Jo Kilburn.  Thank you!


If you would like to connect with your healthier more vibrant self, please contact me for a free initial ½ hr. phone consultation.

Contact Deborah at:

Tel: 1 801 916 5533



Deborah also offers video sessions via Skype, Zoom and other platforms.