Monica is a wonderful example of someone who has realised that it’s not what you know it’s what you do that counts!  The journey she undertook at Reach was one where she displayed great courage and honesty and as a result was able to grow out of her experiences.  She moved from despair and dysfunction to one who’s established a discipline and a maturity that has enabled her to walk with others as they seek to find their own way.  And so we have no hesitation in endorsing both her sincerity and the quality of her work.


Monica helps over-worked, overwhelmed and under-pleasured ‘givers’ to make time for themselves, embody their truth and be wild, wise, well and successful on their own terms.


Monica’s key values in life are joy, love, integrity, alignment, collaboration and impact. She uses mentoring, coaching, training and inspirational speaking as well as dance, breathwork, yoga, ritual & ceremony to support grounded transformation in her clients.


She is the founder, mentor coach and trainer at, an award winning speaker, International bestselling author & transformational leader with over 25 years experience in professional & personal development. Monica and her team of mentors in training support her clients globally through The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship, Wellness Circles, Retreats and 1:1 Intensives.


Her personal passions are barefoot walking, yoga, singing, dancing, goat whispering and eating raw chocolate.


You can begin to get to know Monica and The Wild Wisdom work by trying one of the Wild Wisdom Groove Sessions, an easy, joyful and accessible transformational dance session to get you moving.


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Reach out to Monica on:
WhatsApp/Telegram Call +447717570884 or
Facebook or Instagram @bethewildwisdom
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