We are pleased to announce that Paul Ansorge is now a partner of Reach.  He has been an associate for many years who excelled at our advanced training.  In addition, he fearlessly took his own journey and proved that those who are most willing to look at themselves make the best therapists.


At Reach we work with a wide spectrum of clients, from those with mild neurosis, through to chronic psychosis. We deal with every problem on the mental health continuum and so our practitioners are those who are up to the challenge of working with such complex issues and diversity.


Paul has proved to be such a therapist and we’re glad he’s part of the team.  He is a very talented individual with a diverse range of skills.  In addition to being an exceptional therapist he is a journalist, a musician who loves to sing and a gifted presenter (having co-presented a successful podcast for many years). So if you are looking for someone who’s aware, insightful, sensitive and a safe pair of hands, then Paul certainly fits the bill.


Let’s hear what Paul has to say…

My journey with the Reach Approach began as a client, in 1998. Since then I have walked the road of personal development as best  I can and have seen change in my life which would have been unimaginable all those years ago.


For the past 15 years I have been helping others take the path to find the best in themselves. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and have worked with clients coping with bereavement, the lasting effect of childhood trauma, addictions, the impact of domestic violence and people dealing with a terminal illness.


I provide sensitive support to clients facing these issues, on the basis that compassion and honesty can provide a healing balm unlike any other. People I have worked with have seen tremendous change in their lives and relationships and it is always beautiful to see.


I am a passionate advocate of the Reach Approach as a means to change lives. It changed mine, and working with others to help change theirs is the greatest privilege I can imagine.


For further details, please contact me on: Tel: 07881 918 522 or email: