Tristan Harris is a leader of the Time Well Spent movement and founder of The Center for Humane Technology.


Having worked for Google and drawing on the experience gained from his time there, he’s begun to call for an ethical revolution in the way tech companies and the various media platforms operate.  He and his colleagues believe that we’ve created a society that is hooked on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Prime… and the list goes on.  All these platforms are finding new ways to secure our attention in the name of their market share and profitability.  As a consequence values are being traded away and a dumbing down of human consciousness is simultaneously occurring.


In this presentation, Harris highlights how only a few people are shaping the thinking and feelings of billions.  It’s time to ask, ‘who’s doing the thinking?’





In this film, presented by The Center for Humane Technology, we hear a variety of perspectives and proposals with regards to setting a new agenda for the way we interface with technology, in order that we do not lose our humanity and sense of self, as we seek to find meaning in the virtual world.


There is a powerful 2 minute insert at 21 minutes and 28 seconds where young people are sharing their experience/relationship with technology and the various media platforms, providing further evidence for why a new direction is required.


“The short-term dopamine feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works”.

Chamath Palihapitiya (ex Facbook executive)



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