Lorna is an experienced and qualified practitioner who comes highly recommended, especially for her work with children and young people.  We believe Lorna is a ‘safe pair of hands’ which is why we’re happy to endorse her and her work.  For those of you looking for someone with her particular expertise then we think you’ll find Lorna a very good fit.


Here’s what Lorna has to say…

I am so passionate about what I do as I want to help others especially children so they can learn from a young age how to keep themselves relaxed and resilient with skills for life.  As a young child I always had an undercurrent of anxiety and faced many challenges – luckily I discovered meditation and yoga when I was a teenager which helped me greatly.


On my journey of growth I’ve trained and qualified as a massage therapist, a yoga teacher and a Relax Kids coach.  I have always since I can remember been interested in personal growth and self-enquiry whether that be reading personal development books, attending retreats and inspiring talks and events.


I’ve also benefited greatly from counsel with Reach to help overcome my challenges, to find stability and peace of mind.  Through my own personal experience I’ve developed a deep appreciation of the importance of relaxation to your physical, emotional and mental health.


I have a heartfelt passion to help and support others to be relaxed, calm and confident and I set up Be Relaxed to bring all that I offer together.  I have two young children and I also use fun mindful practices with them both, including the 7 steps of Relax Kids.


Being relaxed and knowing how to be relaxed is I believe key to happiness and reaching our full potential.  We should I think all feel relaxed, safe, protected, happy and confident – and have the tools and techniques to help surf the waves of life.


My aim is to provide simple yet effective self-care techniques for relaxation, mindfulness and stress management in a very fun, imaginative, mindful way.  These practices and a positive outlook, I believe are key to good mental health, self esteem and emotional resilience in order that we can feel happier, positive and empowered… and lead an enriching life.


I offer my services to all age groups; in schools, from preschool to high school tailored to your needs.  I also offer 1 to 1s, family and community group sessions.  Check out my website for the latest community classes’.


Any questions at all please do get in touch… I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,



Contact details:

Website: www.berelaxed.co.uk

Email: Lorna@berelaxed.co.uk

Telephone: 07764 359924