Heather has proven to be a remarkable student.  She is only the 8th person in the history of our course to have achieved 10 distinctions, which is a truly outstanding feat, given the subject matter, depth and demanding nature of the course.


Our postgraduate certificate/diploma covers a wide range of topics, including: neurotheology, epigenetics, cognitive neuroscience, orthomolecular medicine, PNI (psychoneuroimmunology), metaphysics, world history, geography and philosophy… and much more.  So, to achieve the standards Heather has, with such a broad cross-section of subjects, is very impressive.


Heather is a highly intelligent and passionate individual.  Her curiosity and enquiring mind have enabled her to travel a long way down the path of personal growth.  She has proven that she’s not afraid to look at her own issues and has the patience, compassion, warmth and kindness to help others do the same.  This is why we are proud to have her on board. There is no doubt she will be an exemplary member of the Reach family.  And for those of you who are looking for a safe pair of caring hands, you need look no further.



Here’s what Heather has to say…

When I heard about The Reach Approach, quite by chance on a podcast, I immediately knew that it was the place where I wanted to train and work.


I began my therapeutic career in the early 1990s when I qualified as a mental health nurse. Over the years I have worked in a variety of settings in the NHS with adults who have a wide variety of difficulties.  In later years I trained and qualified in several psychological therapies, specialising in women with psychological trauma and offending histories.


More recently I became interested in the mind-body connection, realising the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  This was not only in response to my clients’ needs but also my own healing journey; to break free of old patterns which were keeping me from reaching my potential.  I also fell in love with Yoga around this time and went on to train as a yoga teacher, many aspects of which have aligned beautifully with my Reach journey.


I believe that in our modern, western society many of us have become disconnected from our bodies, and this can limit therapeutic progress.  Our nervous systems hold much of our stress responses and when these energies are not adequately processed, they can build up, causing long term emotional and physiological difficulties. The body also stores our life experiences as much as our minds do, and in fact can often ‘remember’ experiences which our minds may have forgotten over time. So, it makes complete sense that we need to listen to what our bodies have to say, and focus on somatic as well as psychological approaches to healing, if we are to reach our full potential.


I work with individuals primarily, but not exclusively, women who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties. I am experienced in working with complex issues, such as attachment/relationship issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, self-harm, eating disorders, addictions, and complex childhood trauma.


The Reach Approach not only brings together the mind-body connection but is so much more. I couldn’t be more passionate and enthusiastic about this wonderful model, and I love to share this with clients, friends and colleagues alike.


Please contact me on 07522195567 if you would like further information.