Dear clients and other beneficiaries of our services,


We all know the world has changed dramatically since March 2020, and as a result, most payments made to us have now moved to bank transfers.  However, given the numbers of people we see, this has created chaos trying to track payments, especially when they are not made to coincide with the day of the session or the work.


This has made reconciling the payment with the correct day very time consuming, leading to extra administration, which many practitioners are now having to outsource.  This increased demand has come at a time that we’ve had unprecedented client enquiries, which has led to a substantial increase in client contact.


Starting from April 1st 2022, we are respectfully requesting that where possible clients pay in cash on the day of their session, as was previously the case before the pandemic.


Where this is not possible or convenient, we are asking that bank transfers be made on the day of the session, and it would be helpful if you include in the reference your name and the date when the work took place.  This will help hugely with our administration.


This change is in line with our principle before profit maxim, because as therapists and mental health professionals, we would much prefer we were spending our time at the coalface, rather than in the office, trying to make the figures add up for our accountants.


We thank you in anticipation of your understanding and cooperation,


From all at Reach  ❤️


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