The endocrine system is such a vital part of our biological landscape.  It’s unique role brings together numerous systems and countless functions. In fact, without the many hormones, neurotransmitters and chemical messengers in the body, the whole organism would simply not function.

These chemical geniuses that are busy trying to establish and maintain homeostasis are largely the byproducts of the endocrine system, which is always trying to maintain balance and order through its sophisticated communication network.

The more we understand the central nervous system, the immune, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive systems, the more we come to understand the interdependency that is essential for human life.  The body provides us with a model that would serve us well if we carried it over into the rest of human life – that is, it thrives best on respect and cooperation and interestingly, so do we.

In this helpful presentation the vital role of the various glands and how they are orchestrated to create the intricate symphony taking place inside of each one of us is explained with the lay person in mind.  However, this is a complex subject but if you hold onto the primary tenets it provides you with an overarching understanding that helps deepen the respect we should all have for this amazing organism… the body… arguably the greatest wonder in the known universe.

We hope it deepens your reverence for your body and it inspires you to cooperate with it….



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