To forgive is to set oneself free.  It’s a common misconception that if I  can somehow forgive another, I have let them off the hook; as if somehow my hatred and desperation for revenge keeps them in some hell they deserve to remain in.  The truth is that a lack of forgiveness keeps the one who’s unable to forgive in their own personal hell. The memories and the feelings that plague them keep them hostage to an individual, time or memory that is no longer present except in their consciousness.  It is alive in their mind but in reality it has been consigned to history.  The one they are unable to forgive is living their life in whatever way, shape or form, in many cases tortured by their own actions; but even if they live in some delusion or denial, a lack of forgiveness still hurts your heart more than theirs.


So we urge you to see forgiveness not as an act of weakness where you’ve somehow let the fire of rage go out, but see it as an act of great courage where you allow your heart and mind to put out that fire of pain and hurt, accepting it’s time to move forward.  You cannot change the past but you can change the way the past affects you….




Forgiveness frees you from the past, connects you to the present and serves up a brighter future….



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