The biggest threat to our well-being is stress. Stress comes in many forms. There is environmental stress, stress and strain of modern living, the extraordinary stress of fatigue. In fact if we take a thorough look at our lives we will find that there are many ways in which we are taxed and stretched beyond our capacity. The problem with being stretched in this way is the body responds with what can best be described as dehydration alert.


Stress places a massive burden on the brain and vital organs which depend so much on water for healthy functioning. The stress literally causes evaporation of the water in the cells as we place greater and greater demands on the mind and body. If the water is not adequately replaced, which in most instances it is not, then the terror of dehydration kicks in. What happens at this point is that the body produces cholesterol in an attempt to hold onto the water left within the cells. The body’s own genetic wisdom recognises that dehydration threatens its very existence and so finds a way to protect itself, by producing cholesterol.


If this production of cholesterol was a short term response, as nature intended, then the body would successfully manoeuvre its way through the threat of dehydration. Sadly, this is not a temporary state at all because most of us are continuously entangled within the web of stress. We are taxed by poor nutrition, various forms of pollution, inadequate amounts of water, working regimes, challenging relationships etc., all of which keep the body in a highly stressed state. As a result we continue producing cholesterol which is a huge problem; not only does it seal the fluid inside the cell causing stagnation, but it also prevents the cell from imbibing vital nutrients. The natural flow of electrolytes taken in during daylight hours and replaced during night time hours becomes severely handicapped, leading to a host of metabolic by-products which are never properly discharged.


The secret to health is the excretion of waste. If waste products are not appropriately discharged from the organism then they are re-imbibed. This is a process known as endotoxicity, a condition where we continually recycle and reabsorb our own waste. Excessive stress causes the various blockages triggering the over-production of cholesterol and so endotoxicity is born. Once this negative cycle is set up we have all the conditions for ill health in place. The stagnation of endotoxicity is our greatest enemy. Freedom and movement are our dearest friends. In order for the effective removal of waste there needs to be freedom and movement. Freedom and movement lead to divine health and well-being, spiritually, mentally and physically. We need to prevent endotoxicity at all levels.


Wherever there is waste in our lives that is not appropriately being discharged we inadvertently re-imbibe that waste. That waste in turn creates blockages preventing freedom and movement therefore preventing spiritual, mental and physical health (see: waste weakens). Why does it challenge our present scientific understanding to think of water as being pivotal in our lives? Were we to simply draw on common sense it wouldn’t challenge us at all. We are vertical rivers. We are at least 65-75% water. Everything in the body depends on water to work optimally. The health of the body depends on the health of the cell and as we can see, when dehydration alert is taking place the health of the cell is compromised. So it should come as no surprise to us that one of the pivotal ingredients to addressing this situation is to imbibe sufficient quantities of water to give the body a fighting chance of restoring health.


Once again we are able to see the wonder of water, without it there cannot be freedom and movement, without freedom and movement of the vital fluids in the body health cannot be sustained. As a result the body will stagnate and die in its own waste. Remember all disease begins with the inadequate removal of waste and as a vertical river, the primary nutrient you need for mental, physical and spiritual health is indeed water. Go and get a glass right now and make this the beginning of a long, intimate relationship.



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