Suzanne Simard, a forest ecologist, brings alive how trees connect with each other through networks under the surface. Prepare to be mesmerised by this quiet, under-stated woman who tells the story of the forest, whilst living her own huge struggles.


Here’s a short TED talk by Suzanne on Finding the Mother Tree…


If you want to learn more about this subject, please see The Mother Tree Project (website below) and watch this work unfold. The Mother Tree Project is investigating forest renewal practices that will protect biodiversity, carbon storage and forest regeneration, as climate changes.

Mother tree project

This field-based research compares various retention levels of Mother Trees (large, old trees) and their neighbours, as well as regenerating seedling mixtures in Douglas-fir forests, located across nine climatic regions in British Columbia.



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You may also be interested in taking the extraordinary journey offered in Suzanne Simard’s beautifully crafted book, a voyage that is truly insightful, inspiring and potentially life-changing.

Finding the mother tree by Suzanne Simard



Another exciting environmental development is Restor, a data platform to support and connect the global restoration movement. Their stated mission is to accelerate the global restoration movement by connecting everyone, everywhere to local restoration. Restor connects people to scientific data, supply chains, funding, and each other to increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of restoration efforts.  This is another way we can become part of the solution.


Here is a short TED talk by Thomas Crowther about their work:



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