1. Truth – until we are willing to use truth kindly we will fail to see that it can be a destructive force. A virtue is only a virtue when used in the right way and so if your truth does not consider the hearts of others you are in danger of doing more harm than good…. and where is the benefit in that?


2. Kindness – kindness is a 360 degree virtue…. it considers everything before it acts. It is thoughtful and patient, it never rushes in. When dealing with others it treads with great caution and care because it realises that to be irresponsible with its delivery can alter the destiny of another. So always try to act with conscience and consideration.


3. Benevolence – the benevolent mind always asks the question, “is there really any benefit in taking this course of action?” If it can see no benefit for either party, it remains silent; it recognises that sometimes the best action is to do nothing! Silence can indeed be golden.


Personal Growth – one who is truthful, kind and benevolent is destined to grow. These virtues expand the mind and heart, they enable the individual to rise up to and meet life’s challenges and as a consequence they choose victory over victimhood. Such a mind becomes a custodian of hearts, caring for the self and others equally. Apply the 3 gatekeepers in all your interactions and you’ll keep growing in empathy and awareness.


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