1. Intention – it is not the outward appearance of an action that matters, it is the intention behind it that tells us its true value. A kind mind always has the highest of intentions, it is not driven by ego nor does it seek personal recognition… “benefit for all” is its mantra.


2. Mindfulness – a kind mind is aware of three things, itself, others and context. It operates from a position of sensitivity bearing these three things in mind. A kind mind is a generous and a just mind, which treads carefully on the planet and through the lives of others.


3. Action – the kind mind is thoughtful and reflective and so when it comes into action it seeks to cause no harm. It creates an atmosphere of peace, love and warmth wherever it goes. Such a mind realises the power and consequences of its actions so it always strives to act with its conscience intact. Where a mistake is made the kind mind always seeks to make amends.


4. Upliftment – kindness and compassion not only uplift the mind and spirit… they produce wonderful substances such as oxytocin, dopamine and a range of endorphins, all of which generate better physical health too. And so one is uplifted both in mind and body. When you are uplifted you can uplift those around you.


5. Benefit – the kind mind brings benefit to all, it acts for the greater good. If we could all understand the uplifting nature of kindness and spread its benefit far and wide, we would quickly create a world in which limitation and conflict would be replaced with liberation and peace. Why not make this your intention!


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