The reason so many of us are trapped in our habits and patterns, finding that our lives are being driven down pathways we would rather avoid, is because of the habit loop.  We find ourselves triggered by something external or internal; we are then pulled or drawn to that thing, person or situation.  If we don’t check, challenge and change our behaviour, we react impulsively, acting in old, familiar ways, and then we find ourselves locked back into that negative, unwanted habit/pattern.


If we are to break this cycle, we need strategies for change.  We need a set of non-negotiables that we employ at the critical moments in this habit loop.  The first way we can change is to change our inner narrative.  We need to set up a new conversation with ourselves, one where there is self-respect and self-love.  If we fall short at that hurdle, then when we are triggered we need something to change the direction we’re taking; mantras, affirmations and visualisations are very good at this point, or distracting yourself with some positive activity, such as going for a walk, listening to some music, listening to or watching something that makes you laugh.  Taking action in this way purges the urge, disempowers the craving and stops you from reacting in old ways, setting up new patterns instead.  The reward is then relief… as a new day dawns.


Try this meditation and see how you can break free of those unwanted impulses and drives.



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