Sadly, the reason that so many individuals struggle to progress and keep finding themselves going around the same tiresome loop is because of their own negative self-talk. It seems that so many individuals who take the journey of self improvement and seek spiritual growth fail to understand the need for kindness and compassion. It is important to understand this is an essential ingredient if you want to grow into your potential and fulfill your life’s purpose.


The harsh, negative, critical thoughts we perpetuate against ourselves not only poison the mind, they literally poison the body too! This habit of condemning and denigrating oneself should be avoided at all costs. In our experience no one pursuing such a path ever reaches the pinnacle of their potential nor do they find peace of mind.  If you feel your life keeps conspiring against you and your mind is your worst enemy then you need to realise that your self-talk needs to change.


One of the quickest ways to do that is with kind, compassionate thoughts. It may take some time to build this habit but it’s important you are patient and persevere (Also see: The 3 P’s and Routine is power) then your destination is assured. A lack of kindness and cruelty will continue to enslave your heart and mind, whilst compassion on the other hand will set you free…


Hope you enjoy this recording….




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