1. Attention – attention is the quality that makes the receiver feel ‘seen’ and valued. It generates a feeling at one’s core that ‘I am truly okay…. worthy and my life is worthwhile’. When one is attended to with kindness, sensitivity, warmth and love, one grows outwards and upwards, easily able to fulfil one’s reason for being. Attention is essential for healthy emotional development.


2. Affection – indifference destroys the spirit. A gentle, warm and radiant injection enables the individual to find their inner strength. It helps her connect to the core and with that be reminded that she is indeed loved and does belong to something bigger than herself. That sense of belonging and of being wanted enhances the creative intelligence, bringing the best of the individual confidently to the fore.


3. Affirmation – praise helps the individual find his meaning, direction and purpose. It confirms that ‘I have a place in this world and my contribution is important’. It sets up a feeling that what I have to offer is essential and so the feelings of self-love, balance and inner harmony reign supreme. Those who are adequately affirmed stop looking outside for confirmation and dance to the beat of their own drum. They are quietly confident and courageous.


4. Self-acceptance – the primary by-product of the 3’A’s is a beautiful acceptance of oneself. Without acceptance, there is no order or peace of mind. One battles relentlessly with chaos and peacelessness, both of which distort the self-image. The self-accepting mind values and nurtures the inner world and interacts with the world outside mindfully, respectfully and with kindness. Such a mind seeks to make a positive contribution from a place of loving appreciation.


5. Contentment – contentment is the jewel in the crown. She who is contented wants for nothing. Her mind and heart are so full with gratitude and appreciation, there is no room for negativity. This person’s “cup runneth over”. She literally is lacking nothing. This is not a material position, although she may have all that she needs, it’s a state of mind that remains stable regardless of circumstance. Contentment is the Mother of all virtues.


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