The National Council of Psychotherapists is one of the oldest psychological institutions in the country. It was established in 1971, following the ‘Foster Report’ on the statutory registration of psychotherapists. Most schools of psychological thought are represented, including: psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching and a wide variety of therapeutic models and approaches is available through its practitioners.  As of 2022 the Council changed its name, to better reflect its philosophy and membership, to The National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP).


NCIP is a national association of therapists, mainly in private practice, in whom the public may place their trust, due to the standards of excellence required for membership and accreditation. To become registered members of the Council, evidence of training, knowledge and experience, together with character testimonials, must be submitted to a Management Committee.


All members are required to meet regularly for supervision/peer support and are bound by the NCIP Code of Conduct and their comprehensive Rules & Constitution.  There is a mandatory requirement that all members must be insured for both professional indemnity and public liability which is overseen by management advisers and an external moderator.  These safeguards exist to maintain professional standards and for the protection of the public.


NCIP is administered by a Management Board and complaints against individual members, should they arise, are thoroughly investigated by the Complaints & Disciplinary Sub-Management Committee. NCIP accredits only those courses that are deemed to meet a high standard of theoretical and experiential learning, enabling students to become effective therapists and clinicians to meet the ever-evolving psychological needs of the public.


Our courses successfully meet the criteria required to reassure potential candidates and the public that what is on offer is comprehensive, credible, well researched and is delivered to a very high standard.  Anyone entering an accredited course may apply for student membership of the NCIP, which is free, and on graduation may apply for full membership.


Successful completion of our postgraduate certificate/diploma would therefore give access to membership to those who wish to apply for it.  Our courses range from QCF level 4 to QCF level 6.  The level 4 qualification equals 37 credits or 370 learning hours.  Whereas level 6 is over 37 credits and equal to 400+ hours.  Our post graduate courses comfortably meet these criteria.


A quarterly Journal is published by the Council, which now carries an International Standard Serial Number and copies are lodged at the British Library, the National Libraries of Scotland, Wales and Ireland and the University Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge.



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