Knowledge plus application equals personal power. It’s not what we know it’s what we do that counts! The reason many of us find our lives are stuck and we are unable to break out of the cycle of negativity, is because we spend too much time watching and waiting for a miracle…. Miracles are made. If you want your life changed or improved then you need to realise that the power to do that does indeed lie in your own hands. You are the major shareholder in your life, but that power cannot be experienced unless you exercise it and that demands faith and courage. Faith is not to be free from doubt it’s to act in spite of your doubt; to be courageous does not mean you are fearless, it means to act in spite of your fear. It’s important you understand the change that you want is waiting for you to come and claim it, but no amount of knowledge will make that happen. It is courage and application that will overturn the negative patterns and habits that enslave you. The following recording is taken from our ‘bite-sized insight’ collection and we believe it will help you create the miracles you seek….


Hope you enjoy this recording…. It will take only a few minutes of your time.



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