This very interesting documentary gives patients’ perspectives on mental illness and explores both a conventional pharmacological approach and an orthomolecular approach. Although it was first filmed in 1998 its primary messages are as relevant now as they were then.


Hosted by actress Margot Kidder, who suffered from bipolar disorder, the documentary chronicles the experiences of patients who went beyond conventional psychiatry to find answers in orthomolecular medicine, as they felt they had been failed by modern allopathic medicine.


Margot and other patients discuss their mental illness, their difficulties in getting answers and their final recoveries using diet, vitamins and a minimum of pharmacological intervention.


The documentary includes the iconic figure Abram Hoffer, one of the founding fathers of orthomolecular medicine.  Also featured are: Hugh Riordan, Hyla Cass, Udo Erasmus and Patrick Holford who describe their therapeutic approaches and methods, and share their professional satisfaction at seeing patients recover from the seemingly incurable conditions they have been suffering.




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