Water is quite simply a magician with unrivaled powers – every second of every day it carries out millions of activities as it strives relentlessly to improve and sustain our lives.  There are four billion activities every second that over fifty trillion cells are busily performing and water is the ‘incognito ingredient’ facilitating, shaping and ensuring communication across the vast community of the self.  We owe it such a great debt – we are literally ‘vertical rivers’ unable to function without its majesty and grace.  Water gives so much and yet asks for very little in return.  If we would simply begin to truly value and respect its role in our lives, we would stop taking it for granted and stand in awe appreciating its priceless contribution and amazing power.


Water is the primary interface between consciousness and matter. It carries the message of our thoughts, feelings and vital functions across the mind-body divide.  It’s time to look deeper into this subject and understand water’s huge role in both mental and physical health.  For those of you who would like to explore this subject further, please read The Wonder of Water 1-4 and The Story of Health 1-3.  Below are some videos that we think you’ll find interesting. We hope you will open your mind to the wonder of water, it will literally change your life for ever….



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