1. Introspection – in order to experience the joys of mindfulness one has to turn within. It is only by becoming introverted and regularly immersing oneself in silence that the subtleties of consciousness and life can be better understood.


2. Insight – insights are the beautiful by-products of looking within. The more we practice ‘seeing’ what is on the inside the more we notice what we are missing on the outside and so we stop ‘overlooking the obvious’.


3. Realisation – insight is to see…. realisation is to understand. It is a moment of absolute clarity when the consciousness is truly awake…. in that state nothing remains hidden. Realisation always leads to action.


4. Action – in every growth cycle there is an action phase. The point of any reflection or positive endeavour is growth. Growth always leads to action of one kind or another and in the context of mindfulness one is able to find inner joy as the mind becomes a part of life’s flow…. and so it doesn’t resist life, but moves with it.


5. Positive Change – mindfulness is the joy of appreciating every moment. One who lives mindfully is able to become an instrument for positive change. His/her every thought, word and action contributes to a better world… such a mind realises that the understanding we seek often lies within. This is why it strives to be present in each moment. Practise introspection and you’ll find boundless joy.


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