We have produced a variety of guided meditations covering various themes which all relate to some aspect of personal development – from anxiety to anger, resolving issues of the past to aspiring to a better future – all of which enables us to live more comfortably in the now.

We’ve also created meditations of different lengths, as short as 6 minutes and in some cases as long as 40 minutes.  The point of this is to accommodate the different demands and lifestyles.  The shorter meditations offer a brief introduction into a theme and can stand alone but equally can be valuable templates for when the individual has time to do the longer meditations – between 15 and 30+ minutes.

Making Mistakes is the latest meditation to join our extensive selection.  We think it offers a simple but invaluable message and hope you will drink from this cup often…

Our most important lessons and insights come from having the humility to look at when we are in the wrong. Looking at and owning our mistakes does not diminish us in any way. In fact when we have the maturity to look at ourselves in this way both our conscience and consciousness expand.

Take this short, profound journey regularly and watch your mistakes become your greatest tutors.



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