About the author:

S. E. Thirlway has been a counsellor and psychotherapist for more than twenty-five years and she is also a practicing mind coach. She originally trained in the UK where she had a thriving private practice, including an NHS trust as one of her major clients.


In 2005 she moved to Ireland where she gained further qualifications.  She has led numerous workshops related to personal wellbeing for a number of major companies and taught on many different counselling programmes over the years from certificate level through to masters.  She subscribes to the philosophy of trying to unify the mind, body and spirit as the optimum way to gain and also to give in this life.


She has worked extensively with couples experiencing relationship difficulties and has helped countless individuals and numerous couples to find a way forward out of stalemate or conflict.


Her book, ‘Road to a Better Relationship’ is the culmination of her many experiences with clients.  It aims to prevent as well as repair common relationship issues and is suitable for anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their current relationship or learning more about how relationships can function better.





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