Whether we like it or not medicine, like everything else, is being driven by information technology.  There are sadly many downsides to the speed that our world is moving at and as a consequence how impersonal many of our interactions and transactions have become.


However, the reality is that the ‘virtual’ world is growing and expanding and so what we need to do is to find ways that it can work for us.  This is one of the reasons that we have created so many of our resources, some of which are accessible via our websites, others through our workshops and training programmes and most recently through our award winning app, Happy Hints, which is having such a positive impact in over 40 different countries… and its popularity is growing all the time.


Despite the progress and technological advances we have made, access to healthcare for many has become more difficult – therefore getting the attention we need from our general practitioners and health professionals is becoming more challenging.  Hence the virtual revolution.


HealthTap is an organisation that is using the digital revolution to help make medicine and healthcare more accessible.


We don’t believe there will ever be a replacement for seeing a doctor, or a health practitioner, however accessing virtual healthcare, is becoming more necessary because the demand is often outstripping resources.


Below is a useful video from Healthtap, describing the services they offer.  Take a look and see what you think. There might be a time when this is exactly what you or someone you know needs.





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