To some extent most of us are repeatedly harassed, even totally dominated by an addictive pattern, unwanted habit or self-limiting tendency. Despite our best intentions we seem to lack what it takes to break free. Why?…. Generally this is not about a lack of desire or intent. It is more about a lack of will-power. The word is commonly configured by the use of a hyphen, indicating we are talking about two seperate things ‘welded’ together – will and power. Will, in this context, is about our desire to achieve something under our own steam, to make a vision or a dream real – to make it happen. Most of us don’t actually lack the will. If anything we can be plagued by the desire for positive change and personal transformation. What we really lack is power. So where can we acquire that power from?


A lot of the power we seek is literally locked up in the cycle of waste. Waste comes in many forms; poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive stress, unfulfilling relationships etc., all of which produce countless toxins. This toxicity is then deposited and distributed in our bodies, doing untold damage. In addition there is the energy we waste in our pursuit of status, kudos, image etc., distracting us from what is really important. The biggest source of waste is to be found in the mind. This includes lack of resolution around past issues which continue to feed our negative self concepts, doubt, guilt, shame and low self-esteem. This in turn becomes a sewer polluting our interactions and relationships which then become tainted with dishonesty, disillusion and dysfunction. It is by freeing ourselves from these waste products that we are able to find the way back to ourselves and be in a position where we can discover and fulfil our purpose.


Endotoxicity is the process where we reabsorb our own waste. Generally this applies to waste products not properly ejected from the body and reabsorbed from the colon back into the bloodstream. This re-absorption of waste is disastrous and alongside poor diet choices, dehydration, pollution and exceeding our personal limits, is amongst the most damaging phenomenon impacting on human life. This process of endotoxicity equally applies to the mind. Over the course of our lives we accrue negative life experiences and if these are not adequately addressed they become mental waste products which the mind continually recycles by either revisiting the actual event or its consequences. This re-absorption of mental waste denies us the power we so desperately seek as it damages and distorts our perception and attitude.


If we are to summon the awesome force of willpower into our lives then we need to take personal responsibility. There is no effective and lasting change that can be brought to bear on our lives if we don’t take responsibility for our part in where we are today. That isn’t to deny that there have been other causes and consequences that have contributed to our positions in life, because of course there have. This acceptance is more about realising I can only be free from that which psychologically disables me when I take responsibility for change. It is at this point that negative patterns and self-limiting addictions begin to dissolve and the relationship with all waste is slowly but surely broken. Power then accrues as a result of the transformation from negative thinking to positive thinking.


Therefore, to free yourself from mental endotoxicity start taking responsibility for the position you find yourself in now and then you will gradually feel the power emerging from within to bring about positive change. You will then have the fuel to achieve your personal ambitions and goals. Remember, whilst you remain busy in blaming others for your demise, you maintain a position of being unable to change because your will lacks the power you so desperately crave.


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