For hundreds of years Newtonian science has been used to explain the physical world, where man ‘was thought to be in control’, manipulating and changing the environment, yet somehow remaining unaffected by his actions.  We are only beginning to see the arrogance and folly of this belief. With the recent development of quantum physics we are starting to appreciate that something more intangible is at work – metaphysics.  Metaphysics is the science that explores the significance and impact of human intention and thought.  It is Einstein’s work in particular that has helped us to understand that energy is able to be manipulated by human intention and expectation.  In other words, our flow of energy and the consciousness inherent within it, affects all other energy systems as it dissipates into the world.


For instance, take the weather, we are happy when it is sunny, down when it is dull.  It is so easy to understand that the physical world affects us.  What might surprise and amaze us is that the opposite is also true.  Our state of mind really does affect the patterns and behaviour of the physical world.


The spiritual science of metaphysics helps us to understand that for every law we have deciphered in the physical universe there exists a spiritual equivalent. The failure to acknowledge and understand these spiritual laws and apply them to our lives is one of the reasons we have lost self-mastery.  Until we understand that metaphysics is about the intimate relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions, we will continue to look outside the self for solutions to our problems and blame others rather than taking responsibility for our own empowerment.


A useful example that can help us to understand how the physical principles translate into metaphysical principles and apply to our lives is to look at the passage of the seasons. We can see that nature delivers its changes within a certain time-frame which we call a season.  Each season takes approximately 3 months to deliver its effect, its change.  Spring becomes summer, summer becomes autumn, autumn becomes winter and after 12 months, the cycle repeats. What we can learn from this is that the process of change is not something that delivers its dividends overnight. The changes taking place as one season transmutates and becomes another, are largely unseen and subtle, but eventually the end product is very clear and tangible.  So, just like the seasons, a period of consistent endeavour guarantees a marked change about every 3 months, with subtle and gradual change happening all the time. This is why patience, perseverance and practice are needed to achieve our goals. So, starting from today, make consistent endeavour and learn to sit patiently, allowing the fruits to come in their own time (see: Routine is Power).


Metaphysics is a living and breathing system. It is not a concept simply for analytical and theoretical discussion. It needs to be understood and applied. How often have you cried out, “why me?” Doesn’t it seem sometimes that despite your best endeavours, the force of events carry you to an unwanted destination? Why is this? The answer is simple. We have not stopped to consider the connection between those physical laws and how they may apply to our thoughts, emotions and relationships. We have only applied them to our material existence. Those very laws and principles are pivotal to what we think, say and do. So unless we pay proper attention to the conversion of the physical into the metaphysical, we will continue to find ourselves slaves to a whole range of thought processes, feelings and addictive behaviours that deny us ever being ourselves. It is time to reclaim your life. It is time for change.




The subject of metaphysics is a vast one, however, its essence is simple. If we take as our mantra,take a closer look at the world around us’, then nature will provide most of the answers we seek. Then the so-called mysteries of life begin to unveil themselves. The biggest mystery of all is how we have lost the humility to listen and be quiet, and in the stillness become the observers of life. It is within this understated, reflective practice that the subject of metaphysics can really be understood and applied. Metaphysics is the spiritual science that helps us to decode human experience and human interaction.  All life forms are energy and all energy is subject to very clear, concise mathematical principles. We have managed to decipher many of these principles and processes over the last 500 years and as a result of our understanding and application of these laws we have been able to construct this incredible technological world we see before us. Unfortunately, because we have only applied these principles to the physical world we have become seduced and enslaved by materialism, and have failed to appreciate the subtler application of this science. These laws impact equally upon our energy, (called self) nature and animals and the reason for our enslavement is the failure to understand that life is not a one-way process of manipulation and control.


It is time to review our arrogant, short-sighted stance which has only served to embroil us in a world of dysfunction, hostility and ignorance. The way to start doing this is simple. Sit and observe the course of nature. Nature is an incredible mirror for us. It teaches us so much about ourselves if we would simply become students of our environments rather than its manipulators and polluters. As you watch the course of nature, ask yourself, are you moving with it or against it? When we work in opposition to our natural environment, we also work in opposition to ourselves. Our interference with the planet compromises the natural order and natural laws and has created an environment for ourselves which no longer truly supports and sustains human life. Remember, metaphysics is largely a question of applying the laws of the physical world i.e. entropy, thermodynamics, gravity etc., to the way that we think, feel and interact in the world. Below are four physical laws that have been translated into everyday principles so that you can appreciate their significance to you. Honour these principles and watch what happens – it’s amazing how much we can influence our own path.


i) Never exceed your capacity. Respect your limits. This means eat well, sleep well, think well. Respect yourself.  Then your energies will be replenished, enabling you to sustain your endeavours. Remember you can’t give what you haven’t got.

ii) Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. The law of cause and effect is simple, what you give out you will eventually receive.  So, only give that which you would want to receive.

iii) Treat all energy with respect. Use all energy wisely and considerately. This means use your thoughts, words and your actions in ways that empower you and empower others.

iv) Don’t expect from others that which you are not prepared to do yourself. Otherwise you create a spiral of disappointment, frustration, distress and even depression for yourself.


There are many more of these principles and laws which life paints on the canvas of our minds many times a day. Practice being still and observe life’s many portraits, landscapes and tapestries and in return the meaning of every scene and the way forward will become clear with much less effort. Be a student of life (see: Listening-In 1 and 2).






Metaphysics is really about living in harmony with the laws of nature. It is about realizing we are not living in a vacuum.  What we think, say, do, how we are in the world will eventually find it’s way back to us.  Listed below are a further eight points that can be added to those in Metaphysics 2. These will take you even further down that path of divine-living.  A life founded on integrity, that is mindful, kind and serves others will always serve you in ways you didn’t even expect…


1. It is our intention that determines the true value of our actions.  In fact, our intentions are the primary forces that shape the various outcomes that manifest in our lives.  In other words, the outward appearance of our actions means very little, it is what’s ‘beating at the heart of our actions’ that really counts. So pay attention to your intention.


2. Our every thought, word and action emits a vibration, the latest science (best illustrated in quantum physics) clearly shows that we are influencing and shaping our environments mostly ‘below the surface’.  It is at the atomic and sub-atomic levels where we have greatest impact.  This micro impact in turn reflects at the macro level.  The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto has clearly demonstrated our vibrational impact on water. His work has shown unequivocally that water registers our emotions and thoughts, which impacts on all matter and therefore on us!  We are not immune to our mindlessness, in fact it’s our carelessness that holds us back. It’s time that we took responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and understand the far-reaching nature of our energy.  It’s time to tread more carefully across the planet (see Mindfulness and Personal Responsibility) to ensure you ‘add value’ in whatever you do.  Make a pledge not to be a negative contributor to our world. As you can see, we are already suffering the consequences of negative equity!


3. A life of gratitude and true appreciation will always bear good fruit; we simply need to learn the art of waiting.  Make patient acceptance and quiet perseverance your companions and watch life surprise you every day.  Can a seed bear flowers and fruits the day after it is planted? Can an acorn become an oak tree overnight?  If we practice giving thanks for our lives, especially those things we take for granted, then the magic and the beauty of life will serve us abundantly. To set a date of expectation whilst sitting impatiently awaiting the outcome takes us down the wrong path, it helps to maintain our frustration and keeps us away from the very thing we seek. Practice sitting quietly, joyously and patiently.  Let go of expectation and simply know in your heart the divine fruits of the seed of ‘right action’ are always on their way.  No force is necessary.


4. ‘The greatest fool is the one who doesn’t learn from her mistakes’.  Your history tells the story of the mistakes you’ve made and those same mistakes await you in the future if you have not learnt from them.  If we look into the pool of time the gentle ripples of what has gone before whispers the way forward.  It’s important to understand that life doesn’t allow us to graduate to the next level of experience and learning until the gifts of the ‘here and now’ have been claimed and understood. Only then are we equipped for what awaits us in the future.  So when you’re stuck in your life ask yourself ‘what has this situation come to teach me?’  Whatever stands in front of you is always your teacher – the real question is are you listening?


5. It is imperative if you are to move forward in your life that all the things currently blocking your path are removed.  Health is a life that flows freely.  So many of us struggle to create newness because we are still standing in the stagnation of the past.

We cannot move into a brighter, better future whilst we stand in the mud of what has been!  A brighter future needs the ‘space’ in which to germinate and eventually blossom. So de- clutter your life.  Understand that whatever you no longer need is occupying valuable space in your life and is blocking your path and therefore the flow of good energy.  Find the courage to let go of the futile collection of ‘stuff’ you have gathered around you, otherwise you will only strengthen the dam that’s holding you back.


6. All energy has purpose, value and meaning and as we are energy we too have purpose, value and meaning.  If we lose our focus our reason for being, we die.  We become part of the community best described as the ‘vertical dead’, those who walk around as if they are alive when in fact they are absent from their lives, lifeless.  Meaning and purpose provide the spark which ignites the mind and energises the spirit.  This union offers life-long learning and unique experiences out of which real appreciation and value of oneself can be found.  So steer a course that is dear to your heart. Love what you do and it will love and nourish you many times over!


7. You cannot attract happiness and well-being into your life if you don’t believe you’re deserving of it.  There is more going on in this universe than meets the eye.  Think of the sound you can’t hear because their frequencies are too high, think of the things you can’t see on the spectrum of light i.e. x-rays, ultra-violet rays, microwaves etc.  Think of the miracle of the human cell; breathing digesting reproducing, repairing….wow!  The miracles we take for granted happening around us every day are staggering.  Probably the greatest amongst these is our power to co-create.  Without the scientific aids enabling us to see the hidden reality taking place around and within us, these metaphysical events would remain outside our experience.  Co-creation is your part in the unfolding of your life and destiny.  Life is not just happening to you, your contribution is the primary ingredient.  So it’s time to make a contribution that makes your heart sing! Remove the incongruence wherever you can.

What we ‘give out’ will come back as a vibrational match The universe is a dance of vibrations (see The Story of Light 1 & 2).  Everything is resonating and where there is harmony between the multitudes of frequencies there is attraction.  In other words, you cannot create happiness whilst standing in a place of sorrow, you cannot create success whilst you’re drowning in doubt and self pity.  You cannot attain the opposite to what you’re thinking, feeling and doing. It’s against the natural order. Cause and effect is the heartbeat of the universe.  So, remember you are the major shareholder in your life. Claim your place on the Board, now before it is too late!


8. ‘Every moment is an opportunity to make yourself anew’ is an eternal truth that the science of epigenetics (we are more than our genes) is comprehensively endorsing.  Stop living a recycled past!  Grab the now and make the lessons of yesterday your guide, not your dictator. You are not yesterday, you’re what you make of yesterday.  True health depends on movement.  All energy works optimally where there is movement/circulation. So allow your experiences to be the fuel for your choices but walk with courage and faith so you can make the right choices for you.  Learn to live with forgiveness for yourself and others.  Count your blessings and find appreciation in all things.  Living this way keeps you on the divine edge of consciousness, allowing you to keep growing into your true purpose and potential.  Underline this truth if it’s not moving it’s dying.  This is why you must not allow yourself to get stuck in anger, fear, doubt, hate, low self esteem etc. otherwise you cannot grow to be your very best. Invent yourself anew today.  If you are reading this then it’s not too late.



Also see: Neurotheology – Bridging the gap between Science and Spirituality.