You are not alone… this special meditation invites you to connect with the ancestral lineage that you are a part of. Most of those you will connect to will not be known to you. This journey is not about connecting to a particular individual or time, it’s about focusing on the strengths and virtues of your lineage. We are aware that there will be those from our pasts, who we would prefer not to remember.


That said, it is equally important to acknowledge, that there is a rich vein of strength, good will, resourcefulness, wisdom and a mountain of blessings, that we can tap into, which far outweigh the toxic stuff from the past.


So, as you enter into this transcendental realm, allow your mind to focus on what is beneficial and edit out the rest, then you will find your very best self naturally emerges. We are quietly confident you will find this a memorable experience; one you will wish to repeat many, many times.




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