The three superpowers are acceptance, attention and altruism.  The we immerse ourselves in their gifts, the more we are enriched and uplifted.


The purpose of these Bite Size Insights is to encourage poignant reflection on matters pertaining to the self, consciousness and one’s identity. We hope you will use them to help expand your understanding and experience of the metaphysical world, where the true narration of life can be heard.





  • Acceptance can be misinterpreted as capitulation, or that there is something lacking in one’s heart and character, but to be able to accept takes a special kind of mentality.  Acceptance really is a superpower.


  • Often the most powerful thing you can do in a crisis is to retreat into silence.


  • It’s important that we meet people where they are.  Offering solutions when the person isn’t ready can do more harm than good.  This is because they simply need to be seen and heard.  Care and discernment are imperative when relating to others.


  • The person who has a mind that is content is rarely disturbed by life’s ebbs and flows.


  • Attention is a superpower because with it, all things are possible.  Paying attention breeds concentration.  Concentration gives us the ability to gather our power.  On gathering our power, our creative intelligence is activated, and we can easily identify solutions.


  • Altruism is the greatest of the three superpowers. Its specialist quality is that it gives without counting.  But even higher than giving without counting is giving without being asked.


  • Altruism is fearless, patient, kind, wise… and most of all humble.


  • We should all be aiming to be altruistic because it is the magical ingredient that makes all things possible.


  • Someone who is truly altruistic applies love and law to every situation. They have learnt that too much law spoils, and too much love spoils too. Both are needed in equal measure.


  • The way to reach the highest destination is to strive for excellence. This is about striving to be the very best that we can be, day by day, minute by minute, with love and patience.