Throughout time we have been offered inspirational truths from the minds, hearts and experiences of those we’ve often described as great or inspirational, but how often have we heeded those words?  Generally we listen but we don’t hear. To hear is to register something in our own hearts and minds.  It’s time to realize that much of what we need lies scattered on the floor of our lives.  We just need to stop and start paying more attention, focusing on those bits of information that if we took a closer look we would see offer us our salvation.


It’s time to stop overlooking the obvious.  The obvious being: ‘my reality is in my hands’. If we do focus and then piece together the evidence of our experience, we will begin to  see the whole picture and with that the way forward.  In this section there are inspirational quotes taken from individuals past and present which when you focus on them and make them your own, have the capacity to completely change your destiny.  We give away far too much power to circumstance; it ‘s now time to exercise choice….


Take back control of your life….



Your perception governs your beliefs, your beliefs govern your actions and your actions determine your destiny….



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