Give thanks for it all
Judgments, do you believe them?
Evaluative values, better perceive them
Welcome the guest of the lesson inside you
But only the seed, not the creepers that bind you


Life is a maze, Life is amazing
A maze in the mind, losing and finding
Your way, every day, grasping and fighting
Habits are strong so we all need reminding


Remember, remember, love me tender
Love with all your heart, never ender
Revolutionary, evolutionary
Karma drama, return to sender


Authenticity, complicity
We need to go beyond egocentricity
Who you are, mind, body and soul
Is Life, Oneness, part of the Whole


A drop of the Ocean, divine all through
The Universe expressed as you
But deceived by greed, a sense of need
Mistaken identity, what you gonna do?


Better take heed before you proceed
The message within is crucial in deed
The words worth the wait aren’t written by fate
They’re writ in your heart, the choice is to read


What will you choose in this moment and this?
Refusing the Call will lead you amiss
So give up the known and enter the zone
Live an adventure and follow your bliss



Doubts will come, they’ll tell you to halt
That if it goes wrong it will be your fault
Better stay safe, better not risk it
Etc, etc, well it just takes the biscuit


So when you wake up and you’re lying in bed
And you notice the thoughts that swim in your head
Let truth be perceived, don’t be deceived
The patterns that grow are the ones that get fed


Practice makes perfect, it makes for a master
A master of what? What is your answer?
Of worry, complaint, imagined disaster?
Or courage and joy, kindness and laughter?


And when you’re caught in the fire of conflict
Of a complex mood that seems to be hand picked
To wobble your world, to make you unstable
To question, defend or just feel unable


To deal with this whatever it is
This chaotic chaos that’s making you fizz
Without direction of north south and west
That’s the time to give it your best


To practice allowing, breathe and be free
Remember, remember, let it all be
All of us stumble and tumble and fall
Life is gift, give thanks for it all