I need egocide
Some kind of psychic cyanide
To put a stop to this head stuff
For the chop, better dead, snuff
It out, give it up, empty my cup
It’s rough, way more than enough
Do I belong? Am I part of the throng
Of humanity?
It’s got a history of insanity
Sacredness and profanity
Selflessness and vanity
Creativeness and calamity


So it seems to me
It seems to be
Life doesn’t come with a guarantee
Not even for a year
Never mind three
Do you think that’s fair
Or do you disagree?


I for one think a letter’s needed
A letter of complaint but who will read it?
Customer Relations at Heavens Gate
Here’s some feedback about my fate
I’m not too happy, not a happy chappy
So please excuse me if I get a bit snappy
See, all this chaos, my life’s in a mess
I didn’t order all this stress
I wanted some niceness, I wanted joy
Have you got it in for me? Are you out to annoy?
Boy, oh boy! I think it’s a ploy
I’m not messing, I’m the real McCoy
Ever since that Apple that my great, great, great, great, great, great, great
Gave to my great, great, great, great…. grandfather
It’s been one hell of a palaver
A disaster


It’s gotten faster and faster
More and more hectic
You gave us electric


We got all domestic
We got egocentric
We got anorexic
We got diabetic
We lost our perspective


Am I making it clear?
Are you getting the picture?
It’s time to review the script in the scripture
It’s time we flipped the fitting and the fixture
It’s time we ripped and stripped the structure
Make it rupture, bring more rapture
Time to write a brand new chapter
Surely you’ll understand how it seems to me
So please pass this on to the One with Authority
Where’s all the Peace? Where’s all the Harmony?
Tell me, where is the Love. Yours faithfully.





Dear Son, dear human
My love is true, right through and through, man
I love you all, I really do, man
You’re all my kids, not just a few, man
You think I’m heartless, off the ball
You think I gave up since the Fall
No way José, no, not at all
Listen closely and you’ll hear me call


Some think I’ve left you in the distance
Some come to question my existence
They raise the issue labelled evil
But I gave you choice, I gave you free will
That’s part of Love, it’s right essential
For you to live out your potential
To live and learn, to grow and grow
To come to know, be wise and so
For ups and downs, there is no cure
But you can surf them, that’s for sure
In every moment I sustain you
I’m in the air, I’m in the rain you drink
My Nature lets you think the thoughts you think


So dear son, don’t choose dismay
No need for doubt, just chant and pray
If you make this life your path and prayer
You’re bound to find me everywhere
And then each moment’s understood
As ever present, ever good
A revelation, celebration
Far out beyond all explanation
Sent to you from Heaven above
Yours, ever faithful, all my love