Better health through optimum body pH balance

Maintaining a correct body acid alkaline balance is the secret to optimum health. It keeps the body properly oxygenated, provides high levels of energy and immunity and slows down the aging process. Correct body acid alkaline balance promotes health and vitality from cellular level. Water for Health supply leading edge alkaline ionized water products, quality green superfoods and alkalising supplements to help our clients enjoy the benefits that come with excellent health.


Increasingly scientists and health practitioners are confirming that if you maintain the acid alkaline balance of your body fluids at the correct level (slightly alkaline body) you will be able to overcome disease, increase your energy levels and slow down the aging process. We are alkaline by design but unfortunately modern diets, lifestyles, stress and environmental pollution lead to a build up of excess acidity in the body tissues often leading to serious health problems.


‘The countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…. too much tissue acid waste in the body!’ ….. Dr Theodore Baroody author of Alkalize or Die.


Whether you are suffering from degenerative health issues or are looking to maintain good health and slow down the aging process then good hydration and proper acid alkaline balance can make a huge difference. Our products to help better hydration and proper acid alkaline balance are supported by a high quality caring, personal service driven by a desire to make a real improvement in people’s health. The web site is divided into a number of sections with leading edge products supported by relevant information. These products are all geared directly or indirectly towards helping you gain the proper pH balance in your body where you can enjoy high levels of energy, living life without pain or debility.



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