I’ve spent so much time running away from my fears…. I’ve spent so much time re-writing history in order that I may feel better about myself…. I’ve denied, pretended and justified in order to cover up my tracks…. And yet when I’m on my own, just me and my thoughts, I rarely like what I see and how I feel…. This is why I spend so much time distracting myself, trying to be anything but myself…..But no more…. I’m tired of the facade…. All experiences whatever their complexion are beneficial…. Although it may not be obvious at first, they all have something to teach me…. What I need to be is open and willing to learn and with the passage of each day I increasingly open my heart to life’s countless lessons…. As my experiences come to the door of my mind I welcome each one in by saying: “old friend, dear friend, what have you come to teach me?….


For the first time I can honestly say I’m really listening and willing to learn…. My defences and resistance fall away and I sit eagerly awaiting your gift, your message and insight…. I’m no longer afraid of the truth, whatever its form or complexion…. Because I realise truth does not seek to hurt me, it comes to liberate me and it is how I respond to truth that determines the outcome…. So I say again, old friend, dear friend, what have you come to teach me?”…. As I lovingly embrace each and every experience I grow into my potential and I expand to my full capacity…. At every stage I’m growing, I’m learning, I’m becoming free…. I realise that at every step I have the power to choose…. I can imprison myself with my own perception and negative thoughts or I can free myself by remembering the mantra “old friend dear friend what have you come to teach me?”….