One of the major advances in natural medicine in the last decade is the realisation that the acid alkaline balance of the body is critical to our health. Research has shown that modern lifestyles, nutritional deficiencies, high levels of stress and environmental pollution can all lead to a deviation of the delicate body pH balance resulting in acidosis. This is believed to be a major factor involved in most degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancers, cardio vascular problems, arthritis etc. in addition to having a major impact on neurological problems.  To achieve optimum health it is important to focus on balancing body pH.  Doing so will improve energy levels, boost your immunity, improve mood and generally slow down the aging process.


We have partnered with Water for Health Ltd to give our clients the very best of products to help alkalize the body and achieve better body pH balance.  Water for Health’s products include several options to provide alkaline ionized water as well as a range of alkalizing superfood products and mineral supplements.  Their products help to hydrate, alkalize, oxygenate and energise the body. In addition to a wide range of quality products Water for Health supports its clients with a knowledgeable, caring approach and a passionate desire to make a difference.


Water for Health has agreed to give a special 10% discount to clients of Reach and those who are users of our site. To access this discount please ring and quote Reach when ordering any product.  We particularly recommend their excellent water jug for those wanting to take water more seriously. However please explore their extensive and unique range by clicking the link below.


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Water for Health Ltd
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