Eden Extract 60 vegi-caps 500mg

In ancient times peoples of the Mediterranean would make a tea from the leaves of the olive tree, now its natural benefits can be enjoyed by everyone in convenient to take capsules. Probably one of the most powerful of nature’s alternative supplements. Many publications have reported extracts from the olive leaf to be extremely effective for a broad spectrum of uses such as respiratory, skin & digestive disorders as well as general fatigue. Eden Extract is unique in that it was the first and original extraction from olive leaves introduced in the early 1990’s by East Park Research who have the only olive leaf extract produced under a United States patent.


Eden Extract has been the subject of many research studies including those done by Dr Lyons in Hungary. It was the inspiration and the source of material used by Dr Morton Walker in his well respected book “Olive Leaf Extract” published by Kensington Books in 1997. Eden Extract provides over 20% oleuropein and is the olive leaf of choice for reputable nutritionists and CAM practitioners worldwide – why? Because its the only extract that the body can fully assimilate and utilise. Like them, do not accept substitutes – ask for the BEST and insist on Eden Extract by name. We are “The Olive Leaf” experts and if you would like more information please e-mail pr@oliveleaf.co.uk with your full name and mailing address and we will send you more information free of charge. Each 500mg vegi cap contains a patented sterio isomer extraction from fresh hand picked olive leaves (and nothing else, no fillers, no binders). Available also in children’s size 120mg vegicaps. Presentation: Single – 60 vegi-caps.


Oreganol P73 oil 13.5ml

This true wild oregano oil contains 70-78% carvacrol (depending on harvest), which is a phenolic compound known to be a potent antiseptic and antifungal agent. Researchers have reported carvacrol to be effective against candida albicans and numerous parasites, which can invade the digestive tract. In fact wild oregano has so many uses we cannot list them all here, but if you would like to find out more e-mail pr@oliveleaf.co.uk for details. Oreganol is a safe edible oil that can be added to drinks, foods or even taken straight from the bottle. Each bottle contains oil from wild mountain grown oregano, which is emulsified in extra virgin olive oil. Presentation: 13.5ml dropper bottle.


Germ-a-Clenz 60ml

This antimicrobial spray is safe to use anywhere even around children and pets. It is made from edible oil and spice extracts and has hundreds of applications around the home, workplace, when travelling and even for personal use. A powerful natural germicide it kills 97% of household germs. Use as a room spray, on work surfaces in public toilets, on airplanes and in fact anywhere germs lurk that might threaten your wellbeing. Contains: Oregano phenols and natural spice extracts in purified water. It is also excellent for sore throats! Presentation: 60ml pump spray bottles (an economy 120ml size is also available).



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