Below is a variety of statements, which offer insights into the vast subject we have referred to as The Community of the Self. This is another description for subpersonalities, and both subjects can be viewed in parallel, given their overlapping themes.


The purpose of these Bite Sized Insights is to encourage poignant reflection on matters pertaining to the self, consciousness and one’s identity. We hope you will use them to help expand your understanding and increase your exposure to this incredible terrain.





  • Experience provides us with understanding and learning that we would otherwise have been denied.


  • We are drowning in a sea of information, which is why we need to be more discerning in terms of what we imbibe.  If too much is taken in all at once, we are denied the experience encased within that knowledge.


  • Do not disseminate information beyond people’s capacity to make use of it.  This is the great responsibility of knowledge, and it is the primary code of the tribe of the wise.


  • If we try to just logic our way to the answer, we will only get about fifty percent of that answer, because you have to feel your way there.  It is not merely a mathematical formula. It’s more sophisticated than that… it is complex, not complicated.


  • Until you understand the missing piece, you will struggle to find your way to the answer.  The Story of Health is the missing piece, as it helps one to identify one’s shortcomings and vulnerabilities.


  • Everything within the human story can be categorised as either protection or growth. These are the two states that we move between when negotiating our way through life.  The key is to understand when protection is appropriate and when this defence mechanism is a habit born out of past negative experience.


  • Most things conceived out of pain follow the principles of absurd logic. Our emotions knit together in ways that do not necessarily reflect the truth.


  • Listening emotionally is equally important as listening in an analytical way… and as those two things come together… you can have the conversation that is appropriate, and the solutions unveil themselves.



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