Meditation comes in many forms. One form gaining a great degree of recognition and respectability due to the scientific data that’s being amassed around the subject, is mindfulness. On our site, if you look through the resources and research pages, you will see we make frequent reference to the importance of being truly present. In essence, mindfulness is to fully occupy one’s own mind and in that ‘complete occupation’ turn your focus and attention completely to what you’re doing or experiencing.


Mindfulness meditation is therefore the practice of being completely aware of the moment and recognizing that all experience, good, bad or indifferent, has a lesson for us, if only we would listen.  Read our worksheet Old Friend, Dear Friend, on the resources page to get a taste of what we mean.  For those of you interested in the rapidly emerging science on this subject, we are sure you’ll enjoy the video below….





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How we can apply mindfulness to our everyday lives….