My life is literally waiting for me to claim it …. To take hold of it…. I’ve spent so much time waiting for something to happen…. Waiting for something to show me the way…. And during that time I’ve missed countless opportunities to grow and improve due to my deep-seated fears….The fear of not being good enough….The fear of being found out…. The fear of failure…. So many moments and opportunities have slipped through my fingers, slipped away into the ether of time….


It’s unsettling to think of how much time I have spent wishing, waiting and hoping that something, anything would happen to change the course of my life…. Little did I know that I have the power to steer a better course…I really do…. However, I’ve come to understand clarity and focus are needed to achieve this…. I am waking up to the truth that my life is waiting for me to design it…. And that I have the power to create a life that reflects the best of me…. And so I make a decision right now to create such a life…. A life built on quiet, intense focus….


To really achieve all that I am capable of I need to intensely focus on what is important to me and where I’m going…. The main reason I haven’t reached my destination is because I have not clearly defined where it is I’m going…. Until the destination is clear my mind does not know where to place its focus…. So I begin by spending some time every day becoming clearer about the destination….Focusing on where I’m going and why I’m moving in that direction…. The clearer I become the more intoxicated and uplifted I feel….


I can now see on the screen of my mind where I’m heading, what it looks like, what it feels like and I feel deeply connected to that brighter future… It’s time for me to obsessively focus on my vision, my dream, my hopes… My intensity and focus rises as a result of my clarity and my clarity increases because of my intense focus, each one feeding the other….It’s magical…. Powerful…. Beautiful…. I realise to obsess on something that is positive, self-nurturing and uplifting can only be good and so I begin to quietly obsess each day….


With every breath I take I focus in on my deepest hopes and desires…. I focus with such intensity it is as if I’m standing in the epicentre of those hopes and dreams…. I no longer feel that I am looking at my visions, I’m now actually standing inside of them, I’m at one with them…. It’s so awe inspiring…. Through my quiet, intense focus I become one with the best in me and this drives me on….Onwards and upwards…. This level of intense focus banishes all my fears, doubts, anxieties and feelings of inadequacy….


I begin to realise I am more than enough, nearly everything I need lives inside of me…. My energies and potential have been waiting for my clear instruction, intense focus and unshakeable resolve…. All three have been awakened in me today…. I go forward into a future of my own making, I’m no longer waiting for anything or anyone to take the reins…. I take the reins…. I focus obsessively on where I’m going and I’m now sure I’ll get there…. Because my destiny is mine alone to claim and I claim it now…. Today!



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