Practice eventually explains everything. The more you practise being the best you can be, the greater your understanding will become.


The quickest accelerants for your growth are forgiveness and gratitude. Forgiveness cleans and clears the heart and the mind and gratitude fills you up with joy and blessings.


Practise singing your affirmations to your favourite tune and you will fall in love with yourself. Self-love eventually unlocks every door.


Wisdom is the ability to be exactly what you need to be in each moment – one moment the master, full of insight and understanding and the next moment the child, carefree and adventurous.


If you are looking closely at life, awe and wonderment are never far away – as you will be intoxicated by life’s magical symphony.  In return, you are moved to give her a standing ovation.


Accept the ambivalence in yourself and those parts of you that still need to grow will eventually catch up and make you whole.


When you find your meaning and purpose and pursue it with passion, you feel completely alive – able to transcend all challenges and difficulties.


The more the mind is cleaned, the more the toxic waste of the past is released.  Don’t be disturbed by any ‘dirty’ thoughts that emerge – they have to emerge in order to be released – so lovingly let them go.


If you’re clear about where you’re going then you can stop worrying about the destination… then every moment can be savoured, knowing the outcome will take care of itself.


Pursue synergy in all things. The more you try to incorporate the principles of The Story of Health into your life, the more things will unfold favourably.


Feel your feelings, acknowledge their message and then act accordingly.   Try to be a responder rather than a reactor.


Until we resolve the past, it is not really history and so it will keep turning up in the present, in different costumes.   Beware of recycling your past.


Practise seeing the world from the other person’s point of view and you will also see the world better from where you are. Empathy is good for our perspective and good for the soul.


When evaluating any situation, remember the importance of context.   We cannot truly understand something without seeing all the other relevant factors.  To do this we need to stand back, pay attention and really listen.


Seeing is best done with the ears!  The eyes miss so much. To understand the subtle nuances of any moment we need to be listening.  Only by being present in this way can we begin to really see and understand.


Remember, virtues always travel in pairs.  So doing the right thing without due care and caution devalues our message. If we deliver truth in the wrong way, it does more harm than good.


Become a benefactor. Find a way to make a positive contribution every day. It does not need to be elaborate or ostentatious, small acts of kindness are also priceless.


The outward appearance of an action tells us little about its real value.  Its worth is determined by the intentions behind that action.  Try and make your intentions unselfish – you’ll find the outcomes are much sweeter.


Nature is always busy conserving her energy, saving something for the eternal tomorrow.   Follow her lead and avoid over-trading.  Always keep something in reserve and it will turn up at your time of need.


There are two governing principles that underpin all life – protection and growth.   When we are in protection we’re unable to grow.  When we’re growing, we’re automatically protected.


The body speaks on behalf of the unconscious mind.  Listen to your body’s whisperings because there are many clues and insights it will put before you that need your attention.


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