Faith is that virtue which enables me to reach for and claim the stars but it should be understood that faith is intertwined with doubt…. To act with faith is to act in spite of my doubt…. Doubt exists where the mind has not been fed in positive ways…. It exists where the ‘evidence’ of past experience seems to suggest that the negative is a more likely outcome…. If I believe that positive change is not mine to claim then I continue to fall foul of the negative patterns that have accrued…. I am gradually beginning to realise that where I put my attention I can create wonders…. If I focus with belief in the possibility of a better tomorrow then it seems as if my mind and matter become one…. They work together in creating the best outcome… It is becoming ever clearer that my thoughts really do matter…. In fact my intention is the energy that most influences how matter and the material world configure themselves around me….


Life is not happening to me, life is a relationship between me and my environment…. So it’s time to play my part…. It’s time to stop being a spectator and become a participator…. I choose to work out my heart’s desires by turning my attention within and really listening to the songs my heart is singing…. As my desires become clear I begin to focus with faith on attracting positive outcomes into my life….I realise my intention is what most influences what happens in my life…. It’s now time to focus with all my heart and mind on those things that do indeed make my heart sing…. It’s time to believe in me and the infinite possibilities that stand before me…. Even though I take this journey with some doubt I’m now sure that with faith as my ally I cannot fail…. And so I focus with faith….