Dearest body…. I’ve only just started to understand the countless miracles you perform every day in my name…. In fact your miracles are continuous and without them I would not have the opportunity to grow and develop…. Second by second, moment by moment you design, facilitate and coordinate the processes that deliver the energy to sustain my life…. Thank you…. No longer will I take what you do for granted as I realise that without your co-operation and on-going willingness to support me, my efforts would largely be in vain….  Thank you dear friend…. I can never repay you for all that you have done for me, given me and will go on doing for me in the years ahead…. What I can do is to really respect and appreciate you and I will….


Dearest body, thank you for all the unconscious activities you perform on my behalf, my breathing, my heart beating, my blood circulating, the myriad of functions carried out by my brain…. You truly are amazing…. I sit in awe of your wonder and as I marvel at what you do, what you are capable of and the sacrifices you make to support and endorse my life, my love and respect for you grow…. Dearest body, I promise I will no longer neglect you, I will love and appreciate you and I will ensure that your needs are consistently met…. Thank you again for all that you do for me…. I love you….