The philosophy that underpins our approach is based on ‘synergy’, that is: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  The relevance of this principle to the work that we do cannot be overstated because it is our belief and experience that it is futile to fix one ‘bit’ of the self whilst ignoring the other bits (see: Story of Health). In other words we cannot fix the mind whilst ignoring the body and vice versa.  This is the mistake we’ve been making for centuries.


Many of the great civilisations from the past have tried to emphasize the importance of this principle, but above ‘the noise of progress’, we’ve simply not been able to hear the voice of antiquity.  The consequence of this is that when we’re dealing wiith our personal limitations and challenges, we’ve become far too busy treating the symtoms whilst the causes have continued to inflict their damage.


It’s time to treat the ‘whole’ self and movement is such a wonderful way to relax both mind and body. In the videos offered below there are 2 five minute introductions to Tai Chi, followed by a lovely body relaxation. If you have the time and the inclination why not experiment with these wonderful approaches to relaxation. Remember little and often is the key…









Take six minutes now to respect and appreciate your body and yourself..



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